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How to use

22 июн 2019

 How to use the choobuy service

choose this option 


for example    ,item price is 100 CNY ,please buy 100 pieces   then mark the item link , size ,color 

If you want to buy many kinds and many pieces in the same store,  total price is 1000 CNY ,please buy 1000 pieces

then mark the link ,size ,color ,Each quantity , like this 

1-  www.taobao.com/xxxx     XL    red     10 pc

2-www.taobao.com/xxxxxxx   S    yellow   5 pc

and so on


you will choose the address ,then please choose this postage  and pay it ,  you can use the paypal or points to pay it 

1 points =1 CNY , you can buy the points ,It's like a balance. 

we will see the order then we will buy it 

when the seller send it out , we will mark the tracking number , when we get it , we will mark the weight  like this



 please note this  :   The same store can be placed in the same order. Different stores, different orders